12V 22Ah LiFePO4 Battery & Charger Combo Kit


12V 22Ah LiFePO4 Battery and Charger Combo Kit

AMPTRON® Golf Cart 12V 22Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries are an alternative replacement (AR) for any application currently using a deep cycle Gel, AGM or Flooded Lead Acid battery. The maximum continuous discharge current is 30A.

This Combo kit includes a 3A LiFePO4 battery charger and handy battery carry case. The 3A 12V model charger operates from mains AC 200-264V as input, supplying charging output suitable for nominal 12V LiFePO4 batteries.

These batteries are designed using only the highest quality components and are backed with our 4 year replacement warranty. This includes the use of a robust Battery Management System (BMS), Nickel plated steel cylindrical cells, and internal protection to reduce movement and damaging vibrations. Our batteries can also be placed on their sides providing versatile installation options.
The integrated Battery Management System is designed to monitor, protect, and optimise each cell within the battery. The BMS maximises the performance of the battery by automatically balancing the cells and protecting them from over charging, over discharging, over temperature, and excessive charge or discharge currents. Our integrated BMS allows our batteries to be used as an alternative replacement for most applications requiring deep cycle batteries, however if the charging system does not support a Lithium charge profile, there are some compromises – please contact Amptron for more information.


AMPTRON® Lithium batteries use a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) designed to automatically disconnect the charging or discharging circuits to prevent damage to the cells and internal electronics from abnormal operation and helps to ensure safe and accurate operation of the battery.


  • Low Voltage Protection Switch – Automatically disconnects the discharge circuit to prevent damage to the cells if the battery drains below a pre-set voltage.
  • Over Voltage Protection Switch – Automatically disconnects the charging circuit to prevent damage to the cells if the battery is being charged above a pre-set maximum voltage.
  • Short Circuit and Over Current Protection Switch – Automatically disconnects the discharge circuit if the load draws currents above pre-set limits.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection Switch – Automatically disconnects the charge and discharge circuits if a reverse polarity condition is detected.
  • Thermal protection – Built-in thermal sensors will automatically disconnect the charge and discharge circuits when excessive temperatures are detected.

The BMS balances the cells through top-end balancing and will discharge cells that exceed 3.65V during charging.


THERMAL FUSE: Our latest prismatic cell technology is manufactured with an internal thermal safety fuse between the anode and cathode that will break and disconnect in the unlikely event the cell would begin to overheat.

SAFETY VENT: Each cell has a high-pressure safety vent that will flip open to release energy and prevent explosion.

FLAME RETARDANT ELECTROLYTE: Our cells are manufactured with a flame retardant additive in our electrolyte.

Product Description

Detailed information and noted points:

Golf Cart 12V 22Ah Lithium LiFePO4 battery and battery charger Combo kit
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Battery dimensions
L-168mm x W-128mm x H-103mm
​Standard capacity(0.2C5A)
​22 Ah / 281Wh
​> 2000 cycles at 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD)
​Cycle life
Under normal usage where the DOD is <80%, cycle life is expected to be up to  5000 cycles
​Rated voltage
Working voltage per cell: 3.2V
​Charge voltage
​14.4 – 14.6V
Max. charge voltage per cell: 3.65V
​Cut-off voltage
​Discharge voltage per cell: 2.50V
​Depth of discharge (DoD)
​Batteries can be discharged to 100% of the rated capacity
​Standard charge current
​Charging time
​Approximately 7 hours
​When charging from low voltage cut-off point
​Max continuous discharge current
​Operating temperatures
​Standard 0℃~45℃
Discharge -20℃~65℃
Storage 0℃~40℃
​Recommended long term storage temperature is 15℃~25℃
​Storage performance
Capacity can be kept ≥ 80% in storage for 12 months
Battery should be kept at 0℃ ~ 40℃ where it’s dry, clean and well-ventilated.
Discharge output
T-Anderson connectors
Length:330±10 mm
IP Rating (Ingress Protection) – Battery only

Protected from total dust ingress & Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction

For 14.4V LiFePO4 Battery
Input Voltage
min 100Vac to max 240Vac
Output Voltage 15VDC 4.0A 60Watt

Battery warranty policy

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