Egon DC-Hub Power Distributor – Mounting Bracket


Egon DC-Hub Power Distributor – Mounting Bracket

The New, Brilliant Way To Install A 12/24v Dc Dual-Battery System

THIS is a remarkable, new cost and time-saving device is called the DC-Hub. Imagine a simple, extremely robust DC input/output fuse box combination board that reduces workshop time by a large factor, but also does away with the need for specialist expertise when building DC electric setups. All components are wired to this single central hub, including AC chargers, solar panels and DC-chargers. And from the same unit are wires run to all accessories, such as fridges, lights, compressors and more. And, do this without the need of crimps, lugs, shrinks or expertise. All the time consuming works is done for you!
If you are building and installing DC electrics into 4WDs, RVs, boats of all sizes, and even dwellings that run on solar-charged DC setups, this is a marvellous, cost saving and quality-enhancing device.


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