200W 12V Mono-Crystalline Solar Blanket Kit


200W 12V Mono-Crystalline Solar Blanket Kit

The lightweight compact foldable solar blanket is a convenient portable solar electric generator to supply energy for your charging needs. The blanket utilises quality high-efficiency cells and quality fabrics. The versatile weatherproof design provides multiple mounting and connection options.

  • Kit includes 30Amp PWM solar controller –  5m Extension Cable – 0.6m long Cable with Anderson connectors and Alligator Clips –  Foam padded heavy duty carry bag

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Product Description

200W 12V Mono-Crystalline Solar Blanket K​it​ ​
Maximum power rating
Pmax 200 Watts (25w x 8)
Solar Blanket dimensions
L-1855mm x W-1000mm x H-85mm
Tolerance on power output
+/- 6.0%
Current at max power
Imax 11.0 Amps
Voltage at max power
Vmax 18.17 Volts
Short circuit current
Isc 11.68 Amps
Open circuit voltage
Voc 21.44 Volts
No of cells
32 x 8
Temperature Coefficients
Isc +0.047%/0C,  Voc -0.323%/0C,  FF -0.117%/0C
STC Intensity 1000W/M2
Module Temperature 250C
Spectrum AM=1.5


200W Solar Blanket_AT-SOLBLANK-18-200-AV02 user manual