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Quality Lithium Solutions supplied by Amptron, Australia


Our Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are safe and non-hazardous, equipped with multiple safety redundancy features.

AMPTRON® Battery Cell Safety Features and Design

The main issue with all lithium batteries is how to prevent a cell from overheating and rupturing if over charged. AMPTRON® Batteries have several layers of safety redundancy systems at the cell level. The most notable safety feature in our latest cell design is the internal thermal fuse between the anode and cathode that will shut down the cell before the temperature rises. If the thermal fuse protection is to fail, the electrolyte has a flame retardant additive making the battery safe. These conditions would likely occur if a charger or controller failed and inducing spiking current into the battery. The BPS is designed to protect the cells from this anomaly and would have to fail in the closed state allowing excess current into the cells. Most of our batteries are built with Prismatic 3.2V cells, all cells are matched by measuring several consistencies during several charge / discharge cycles at the end of cell production & before the battery assembly process begins.


The Built-in Battery Protection System (BPS) balances the cells by sending more current through the length way circuit boards and into cells with a lower voltage. The BPS will also discharge cells that exceed 3.65V during charging.


AMPTRON battery cells are constructed in the Prismatic cell form. The shape of the prismatic cells allows for a robust battery pack construction including economical space & area utilization, resulting in a compact reliable high energy storage battery design. This construction method also creates a reliable connection between the cells suitable for higher amperage loads delivering a reliable voltage and current supply to the battery terminals.


The AMPTRON® Circuit Boards have a unique function of over current protection. The cells bolt through AMPTRON® circuit board that provide balancing, even current flow, short circuit protection adding rigid mechanical strength to the battery pack.


If a cell overheats or if the battery is penetrated by a metal object the AMPTRON® Circuit Board will disconnect the cells output voltage to the battery main terminals.


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