I came across these guys while looking for lithium batteries to replace my two old 120Ah AGM’s in our caravan. We decided to make the investment and purchase lithium batteries to replace our old AGM’s. After engaging with a number of suppliers and receiving conflicting information we found AMPTRON. What a great experience talking to these guys after a detailed Q&A session on the phone and a number of product options to consider. I was better equipped to make a decision on what to purchase for our off grid trip. One of the best presale services I have ever experienced, a big thanks to the team @ AMPTRON for your advice.

Tommy Cloeteregular customer

I’ve had my 200ah 175ah BMS Amptron Lithium for a little over 12 months. We routinely draw 100-120ah for appliances like a coffee machine and induction stove, not to mention running a 85l upright and 40l freezer full time. Never had an issue. We have been doing some of the roughest roads in Australia and the battery has performed exactly as advertised. I have also contacted the company regarding C ratings and they were absolutely fantastic and more than willing to help me and offer advice. 10/10 after heavy prolonged use.

Sam Mregular customer

I recently bought the Amptron 100Ah Slimline Lithium battery, which is an underrated 125Ah battery! After researching AGM vs Lithium, most specified 2000 charge cycles if you don’t exceed 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD), while Amptron offered 2000 charge cycles with 100% DoD! That means Amptron is either significantly better tech or the battery is a 125Ah which with standard 80% DoD giving a usable 100Ah. The service from the AMPTRON team is great and provides in-depth information. They even researched the DCDC charger to  help select the right settings. I highly recommend AMPTRON, their product is excellent and the service exceptional. Keep up the great work!!!?

Jonathan McDonaldregular customer

Thanks to the team at Amptron who helped me on numerous occasions while I made up my mind on the best battery option. I settled with a single 400ah Lithium and couldn’t be happier.

Drew Mouliregular customer

Extremely happy with these batteries. I purchased 2 of the 400ah for my solar set up. I am completely off grid using gas for stove, hot water fridge and inverter. These batteries with my amptron panels give me all the electricity I need plus some.

Donald Paceregular customer

Once again Amptron have come to the party with their great advice and speedy service! This is my 3rd purchase of a 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery, because I believe they’re simply the best battery on the market. Have never had a problem with any of them, from the 1st one in the 4WD to the last 2 I installed in my last two caravans. Great value for money; great battery performance.

Mark Thompsonregular customer

I purchased four 48V 100AH batteries to replace my old lead acid bank 48V system 6 weeks ago, so far I’m very happy with this new battery bank. I live off grid (alone) with most of my power needs being 240Vac, lighting, fridge & freezer, fans, including a washing machine, stereo, vacuum and the like, so far I have not drawn down more than 50% even following 2 days of minimal sun, I will be interesting to see how they perform in the winter months. I could not be happier with the professional service technical support and prompt delivery. Highly recommended.

Ivan Scottregular customer

Purchased a Amptron 200 watt solar panel in addition to the existing 100w panel I had on my RV. The extra input has been enough power to keep the newly purchased and installed Amptron 2X150AH Lithium batteries almost fully charged under load even on overcast days. The REDARC dc-dc charger does its job while driving & the Amptron 240v 40 amp charger keeps the batteries up when not in use. Very happy with the size and robust construction of the solar panel. very unobtrusive on the vehicle.

Ben Inglisregular customer

I upgraded from a 135AH AGM battery to a Amptron 150AH Lithium battery in the back of my Wildtrack to power my Bushmans fridge. Normally, my fridge would start to not hold its temperature after a few days and I would need to be constantly monitoring it. With the new lithium battery, that is no longer an issue with it still sitting at 80%+ after 3 days. The Victron smart shunt bluetooth battery monitor lets me monitor its charge on my phone taking all the worry away.. absolute gamer changer. Thanks to the team @ Amptron for the advice & technical support on this install.

Mark Stewartregular customer

The dealings I have had with Amptron have been excellent, everyone I spoke to went out of their way to suggest the ideal products for my application including  delivery on the date requested. The products were delivered in good condition and since installed have been operating extremely well. I am very happy with all aspects of this transaction. Top job team Amptron.

Jon Douglasregular customer