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AMPTRON® is an Australian owned and operated company supplying high performance energy storage, power generation products and engineered solutions. We only use the best available technologies, the best quality components coupled with the best quality customer service in our industry. Our customer service is setting the industry standard, with our advice based on sound scientific and engineering knowledge coupled with tried and tested experience in this industry. Everyday we dedicate our focus & mission to provide innovative, approved, safe, sustainable and easy to use energy generation and storage solutions at competitive prices.

The team at AMPTRON® share many years experience in the electrical & electronic engineering and manufacturing industries including industrial plant automation. We will always go the extra mile in educating the customer by openly sharing our technical knowledge & experience. We ask the right questions & give the correct answers. We only offer our customers the best fit for purpose solutions. We continually focus on taking away the mystery & myths, commonly shared across many social forums. Our philosophy is about giving our customers an educated choice & not a quick easy product sale.

Here at AMPTRON® our strategy is to constantly improve our brand awareness by building trust, integrity and confidence in the quality of our products & system solutions, while developing market leading products through innovation. Our customers come from a diverse demographic including Recreational | Marine | Commercial | Infrastructure | Industrial and Mining Industries proving the versatility of our energy storage products & system solutions.

Our range of battery storage solutions are designed to receive charge voltage from photovoltaic (PV) solar products, vehicle engine alternators via suitable DC to DC controllers, standard GPO house power & wind generators. Our product range includes Lithium batteries | Portable Power Packs | Battery Chargers | DC to DC Converters | Power Monitors | Solar Panels | Solar Controllers and DC to AC Inverters including engineered Off-Grid System and Solutions.


  • Lithium Energy Storage Technology
  • Lithium Battery Charging Products
  • Solar & Wind Energy Harnessing
  • Solar Battery Charging Products
  • DC to DC & DC to AC Conversion
  • Design & Engineer Complete Systems


Supply Quality Certified Products & Solutions
Strive for customer service excellence
Serve our industry with honesty & integrity
Offer warranties on all Amptron products


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AMPTRON® is a leader in high performance energy storage solutions, supplying quality lithium batteries, chargers, power monitors, solar panels and portable power packs at competitive prices. 

Over the years we have built a credible reputation while manufacturing & distributing certified quality products nationally & internationally. Our AMPTRON® brand is recognised & has a loyal trusted following. Our customers trust and depend on us for our high quality, safe and reliable technology. AMPTRON® is a name you can count on to be your energy storage partner.

Are you looking to increase your business sales & reputation, we have a proven business to business opportunity for you to consider. If your business is a wholesaler, retailer, OEM or installer, AMPTRON® is certainly interested in hearing from you.